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About Big Breed Dog

Your big dog is a lot to love! Sometimes it is hard to find good quality beds, a large enough crate, collars, harnesses and a sturdy ramp. We will help you find the perfect beds, crates, collars, harnesses, and a ramp for your large breeds.


Finding the perfect large crate for the big breeds can be a little tricky. We have the large crates for your big dog, and the perfect beds for the large breeds. We want your big dog to be comfortable while in their crate, so our products are:

  • easy to set up
  • 1 or 2 doors for easy access for your large breeds
  • Steel and plastic crates for durability

Collars and Harnesses

As you know, collars and harnesses for big breeds need to be durable and strong to help direct your big, active dog. We have collars and harnesses of all sizes to help fit comfortably around your dog’s neck. The collars come in wide leather or canvas material and our collars are designed specifically for comfort. Your dog should be able to wear his collar regularly and feel safe and comfortable in it.

We also have a variety of harnesses for your big breeds. Our harnesses are also durable and comfortable so that your big, active dog can be protected but also feel comfortable in the process. Your collars and harness needs are important for your big breeds safety and discipline. We want to make sure that your dog is comfortable and safe at the same time in their collars and harnesses.

Beds and Ramp

Your big dog needs a big bed. Big beds are the perfect pillow and play place. Beds can travel in cars. Dog beds can go in a crate, and best of all, dog beds are easy to clean and move around. We have large beds for large breeds. They are extra-large and comfortable.

As you travel with your large dog, a dog ramp is the easiest way to get them in and out of the car, or to give them a boost. We have the best dog ramps. Not only are the ramps light, but these ramps are also easy to fold and store. These dog ramps also have a slip proof surface. Our dog ramps are also affordable and durable. We can find the size and capacity to fit your large breeds and their weight.

For all of your large breeds needs, we have everything! Large crates, large beds, large collars, ramps and harnesses.